SUP Charleston

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SUP Charleston is a group of local Charleston area stand up paddlers who generally have no official ties to local shops or vendors - other than, wanting to work with all shops, all vendors, all outfitters, all paddlers to promote the sport of SUP in our community and elsewhere. 

Some of us stand up paddle for casual fun on rec boards, some of us are in it to race competitively, some of us primarily like to SUP surf, some of us like to take long ocean treks and down winders, some are into the fitness aspect of paddling, others simply like the social part of things - and many things in between. 

Most of us have been paddling for several years or more, and are very eager to spread the excitement about all the aspects of the sport to others who are just starting.  And, most of us are into stand up paddling for ALL of the reasons above...which is one of the best things about our sport - so much variety, and so much overlap between the different disciplines.  We all come from different backgrounds, but have found that we have much in common. 

Traveling to various states for numerous events and races over the years, we have begun to meet so many paddlers with these common interests - from casual weekend paddlers to professional athletes who have devoted their lives to paddle sports, including SUP.  We hope to continue to learn from all of those that we have met, and to spread our experiences to others as well.

We all plan to get many different things out of our Group - with a central goal of having a common place to trade ideas, keep up with current events, keep in touch...YEAR round.  We plan on continuing to paddle every week of the year, as most of us have done for quite some time...whether it is 100 degrees and sunny, or 35 degrees and windy, rainy, or even snowy.